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Twitter Set Trustline


XRPLToken runs on the XRP Ledger, unlike some other blockchains there are zero gas fees. The XRP Ledger allows for transaction costs of less than a penny per transaction regardless of the value of the transaction. The XRP Ledger is also renowned for it’s transaction speed and security. The XRP Ledger is open-source and decentralised. Find out more about the XRP Ledger.

We recommend Xumm Wallet to store your XRPLToken.

If you haven’t used Xumm Wallet before, please see our simple How To guide to get yourself setup and ready to store XRPLT. If you are completely new to the XRPL and you don’t own any XRP we recommend using Bitrue to get your XRP, of which a total of approximately 12 XRP is required to activate a self-custody XRP wallet and set a trustline.

If you already have Xumm you can easily set a trustline by scanning the QR Code above from within your Xumm Wallet App. You will need 2 XRP in your Xumm Wallet to set the trustline.


Symbol: XRPLT
Fixed Supply: 10,000,000,000

Xumm KYC: Yes
Black holed: Yes

To avoid some of the negative aspects of traditional airdrops there will be no airdrop of the XRPLT token. Those wishing to obtain XRPLT who are not part of the targeted distribution will need to take part in our Twitter giveaways/competitions (this does not guarantee receipt of XRPLT) or buy XRPLT using an exchange.

Targeted Distribution 50%

50% of XRPLT tokens will be distributed to specific groups and individuals whose values we feel align with our vision of a more decentralised economy. No individual wallet will be given more than 500,000 XRPLT via this method. This will take place during 2021-2022.

Marketing/Listings/Giveaways/Competitions 45%

We aim to have distributed the entire 45% of XRPLT within 6-12 months from the token creation date (16/12/21).

Team 5%


  • create website – complete
  • create token – complete
  • create twitter account – complete
  • reach out to the community – in progess
  • publish whitepaper – in progess
  • market upcoming giveaways/competitions
  • run giveaways/competitions – in progess
  • complete distribution
  • complete giveaways/competitions
  • continue to develop use and make announcements – in progess