Why XRPLT is a better choice than Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin being the most well known crypto currency in the world and it currently having largest market cap by far of any crypto currency on the market, you’d be forgiven for asking ‘Why isn’t Bitcoin the best choice for new holders?’

Our answer to that question is based upon sound facts and logical reasoning, but we must make a point that we are not giving any financial advise here, as always, everyone should make decisions based upon their own judgements.

  • Tokens on the XRP Ledger (including XRPLT) are cheaper to transact with, have faster transaction times and are more eco-friendly than Bitcoin. These are simple, undeniable facts.
  • XRPLT will be more decentralised than Bitcoin once distribution is completed. Bitcoin has been in the news a lot lately as banks, institutions, large companies and wealthy individuals have been buying lots of Bitcoin. While an increase in buy orders may make the price of Bitcoin increase it also comes with a downside, single entities like those just mentioned may have a lot of buying power, on the flipside they also have a lot of selling power, not only that but they also have the means and the money to manipulate the market to their advantage, retail holders of Bitcoin are at the mercy of all kinds of rumours, news and investment decisions made by these private (and even some public, as in the case of El Salvador for example) entities. During the distribution/giveaway phase no single wallet will be given more than 500,000 XRPLT, from a buyers/holders perspective, this is great as it means it will be much harder for a single entity to manipulate the price outside of ‘natural’ market forces, we do point out however that this can change over time as traders may seek to accumulate XRPLT.
  • Regulation.. often a dirty word amongst some in the Distributed Ledger Community, and for reason. Bitcoin (and many other) crypto currencies have been operating pretty much outside of the regulated financial system for a significant period of time now.. Bitcoin ‘maxis’ often say this is a great thing, feeling that they do not trust governments to look after their financial interests. We’re not here to comment on whether they are right or wrong to feel that way but what we do say is that more regulation of the crypto space is clearly inevitable. However much some people may like to stand in opposition to regulators, banks and governments it’s really quite obvious that it’s only a matter of time (probably much sooner than most people think) until crypto currency exchanges and other stakeholders are forced to comply with new regulations, one only needs to educate themselves about the planned CBDC’s and/or read reports from relevant industry professionals to see where crypto regulation is heading. It’s quite possible that the majority of ‘cryptos’ (including Bitcoin and Ethereum) may see their values plummet upon the introduction of some regulation or other. XRPLT however, is in a potentially excellent position, running on the XRP Ledger it could benefit from XRP being the crypto currency currently at the centre of a lawsuit between the US Securities and Exchange Commission and Ripple in the United States. It may sound like a bad thing, but a win for Ripple could mean that XRP and the XRP Ledger will be the very first major crypto currency to have clarity about how it is classed and can be traded in the United States of America.. no other crypto asset on the face of the planet will be in such a good position at that point, while a win for Ripple is not a forgone conclusion, our opinion, having been following the lawsuit, the use cases for XRP and Ripples fintech, we think we’ll find ourselves backing the winning side. Ripple have always worked with, not against regulators (globally), have a vast number of connections/partners in banking and public sectors around the globe (some of whom are already using Ripples fintech and XRP) and they are in the number one spot to have their fintech adopted globally. With trillions of dollars involved in crypto already, and many trillions more potentially moving through the XRP Ledger via Ripples fintech, we can only guess at the attention assets running on the XRP Ledger will receive if Ripple win the lawsuit and get clarity for XRP and Ripple. XRPLT is ready to take advantage of such a scenario. XRPLT is positioned as a ‘peoples currency’ running on the same distributed ledger as XRP, which we believe will be the ‘new standard’ used by global financial entities. We believe XRPLT should be massively decentralised, make economic sense for everyone to transact with and always be supported by a community committed to caring and right action in the world.