Why no Airdrop of XRPLT?

There will never be any automated or mass airdrop of XRPLT, this is because XRPLT was created to grow organically, to encourage XRPLT to be used for any purpose its holders find useful whilst avoiding the cynical vibe that airdrops can create around projects. XRPLT was created to be as decentralised as possible and appealing to all people who support the idea of an individuals ‘autonomy of exchange’ that Bitcoin helped promote to the masses… unfortunately Bitcoin suffers from its eco-credentials, it’s technical limitations and its ever increasing centralisation simply due to the nature of its initial and current mining feature and the ‘bitcoin halving’, not to mention that large corporate entities now own so much of the Bitcoin supply that they can manipulate markets with nothing but a simple tweet.

Decentralisation of exchange in a world where value can move like information over the XRP Ledger is the most exciting prospect the modern world has been exposed to in a very long time. Hold XRPLT, use it for things and be a part of something extraordinary.