Safeguarding the Community – vetting wallets during distribution of XRPLT

Airdrops and giveaways are notorious for allowing ‘airdrop farmers’ to take advantage of other peoples goodwill. Just ‘one’ of the reasons we chose to distribute slowly was to enable us to vet the wallet addresses submitted to receive free XRPLT. No doubt a small number may manage to slip through the net but we do manually vet wallet address submissions to limit the number of bad actors getting hold of free XRPLT. We also understand that some genuine requests may be declined if they happen to be linked to wallets not in their control, we sincerely apologise for any instances of this but feel it is better for the community as a whole and the project, our decision is final. We love the XRPLToken project and its great community members.

That said, we want to make a point in also saying that we accept some people may choose to immediately sell their free XRPLT, we have no issue with that, although we do try to avoid sending XRPLT to obvious airdrop farmers be they large or small. If we see wallets that appear to be immediately selling airdropped tokens we may not send to those wallets. Here’s to a bright future for XRPLT and its Community!

For anyone we don’t send XRPLT to we’d still love for you to be part of our community! You can still get XRPLT at:
Thank you for your understanding.

~ let’s create something special, much love.