Progress update

It’s been a great couple of weeks since we started to push our Twitter campaign and we’re steadily expanding our followers/audience, growing from a couple of hundred followers to almost 3,000! We’ve got MUCH more to come on Twitter so please stay engaged.

We’ve manually distributed over 11% of the total XRPLT supply so far and while we’ve seen the expected small number of sellers the vast majority are holding tight to their XRPLT which is a fantastic sign of things to come for the project!

There was some great engagement with the Twitter Poll regarding the community wishes around doing an airdrop(s) and we’re currently waiting to see the final result of the current community Twitter Poll. If it goes the way it looks like it will then we will be doing a handful of large airdrops over the coming weeks/months, but we hasten to add that ALL wallets will continue to be manually vetted in order to get on the whitelist, the only real difference is that the drops themselves will be automated, like all airdrops we might see some small drops in the value of XRPLT when the expected small number of sellers sell around the same time but we expect the manual wallet vetting process will minimise this.

Currently we’re still anticipating a token burn on 11th December 2022 which would be a benefit to existing holders of XRPLT.

Keep an eye out for the release of our 99 limited edition XRPLToken NFTs, the release date will not be made public so please watch our Twitter account closely. Funds raised by the sale of the NFTs will be used to buyback XRPLT at market price.

We do have listings in the pipeline to add XRPLT to other Decentralised Exchanges, the team view on this is that we will announce listings at the most opportune moments when we feel it will benefit the project and the community most.

Once the distribution phase is completed focus will very much be on the quick development and deployment of the ‘NFT ME‘ App, we’re really excited for that. A little further down the line we have plans to work with a third party gaming app developer with a view to launching a ‘Player vs player’ (PVP) app where holders can battle it out to win/lose XRPLT!

We wanted to thank the community for all the positive engagement, we’re really enjoying the peace-sign selfie twitter competitions.. I think we’ll keep on doing these for some time to come, spread the love!

Lastly, we’d like to extend an open invitation to anyone within the community who would like to get more involved with the project, we’re happy to work with anyone who has some value to add, this IS A COMMUNITY project and as such we will assist where viable any person/business for the benefit of the wider community and this can include making XRPLT available for such things.

Peace out family, we are the 99%, we’ve got this! Much love 🙂