How our NFT sale & XRPLT buyback will happen

June 2022 will witness a sneak preview of our 99 limited edition NFTs!
Over the course of the following 5 months (July 2022 – November 2022) all 99 NFTs will be sold off with payments being accepted only in XRP.
At some point during either November or December 2022 all NFT sale XRP proceeds will be used to buy back XRPLT at market price! The XRPLT token buyback will happen before the XRPLT token burn due to occur on 11th December 2022 and all XRPLT bought back will be burned on 11th December 2022!

Note: Wallet Address holding the NFT sale proceeds is: rsQukt8UsB2gwPJ3gBPXKJHyh3U8rnfxiz