The XRPLToken project team has created XRPLGoldToken (XRPLTGT). It is envisaged that XRPLGoldToken will help to grow the XRPLToken ecosystem and community. XRPLGoldToken has a small fixed supply (blackholed) at 10,000,000 (10 Million), 70% of which will be airdropped to the community on 9th September 2022. Unlike XRPLToken, XRPLGoldToken will be seeking listings on CEXs as well as DEXs. XRPLTGT will become tradeable when tokens have been airdropped. Set trustline for XRPLTGT.

Website: XRPLGoldToken | XRPLTGT

Exclusive Airdrop for XRPLToken NFT holders: Wallets holding an XRPLToken NFT will be airdropped 10,000 XRPLTGT tokens, claim will be required. (Any unclaimed amounts will be added to the main airdrop event.)

Exclusive Airdrop for XRPLT holders: Wallets holding more than 500,000 XRPLT will receive an equal share of the remaining 60% of XRPLTGT tokens.

Those not holding the required amount of XRPLT on the day of the airdrop will not be airdropped any XRPLTGT.