99 Limited edition XRPLToken NFTs have been minted!

As planned, 99 Limited edition XRPLToken NFTs have now been minted via Sologenic, view them here: XRPLToken 99

Some NFTs look more unique than others, however they all come with the same benefits for the holder. The NFTs will go on sale one at a time beginning 1st July 2022, it is envisaged the sale could be spread out over a number of weeks/months. The price will be made public at the time the sale begins, please keep a sharp eye on our Twitter/Telegram to ensure you’re first in line.

Good luck to all taking part!

XRPLToken NFT Holder Benefits:
– A wallet holding an XRPLToken NFT at the time of the XRPLGoldToken Airdrop will receive 10,000 XRPLGoldToken(XRPLTGT), this will be in addition to the main airdrop going out to all holders of the XRPLT token. Airdrops will occur on 9th September 2022. (Note: If you hold more than one XRPLT NFT you will still only receive x1 bonus XRPLTGT Airdrop)
– At a current cost of 30XRP each, a holder of an XRPLToken NFT is able to request the XTPLToken team mint a personalised XRPLToken NFT like this one, it is these personalised NFTs which will be the tickets enabling holders to participate in our PVP App which we plan to release in Q3 2023. (The entrepreneurial amongst you might spot an opportunity here)
– Bragging rights, plain and simple. There are only 99 of these limited edition NFTs and there will never be any more.

XRPLT Community Benefits:
– Even if you’re not lucky enough to hold a Limited edition XRPLToken NFT 100% of sale proceeds will be sent to this wallet address: rsQukt8UsB2gwPJ3gBPXKJHyh3U8rnfxiz This is the XRPLToken Team wallet and it will hold all the proceeds until all the XRPLToken NFTs have been sold, after which 100% of the XRP sale proceeds will be used to buy back XRPLT at Market Price before the XRPLT token burn which will take place on 11th December 2022.

NFT Sale Rules (important, please read):
– First come first served, the first person to comment their wallet address on the twitter thread for any particular sale will be first in line, they will have 24 HOURS to make payment, failure to make payment will shift the sale offer to the next person who commented their wallet address and so on.
– During this sale we will strive for any one person to only hold one XRPLToken NFT, any wallet already holding an XRPLToken NFT shall not be eligible to purchase another via this sale. We WILL manually check wallet addresses and any wallet linked by activation to one already holding an XRPLToken NFT or that gives us any other reasonable cause for suspicion will NOT be eligible to buy another.

Update: 10/07/2022 – Following a handful of non-payers via the Twitter Sale it was decided to put all the NFTs up for sale. Please visit: Sologenic DEX & NFT Marketplace | Crypto Asset Trading, DeFi (Thanks for your understanding)

Projects such as these are risky, XRPLToken and its founder/team do not offer any investment contracts. These types of digital token projects and their tokens can be unpredictable and nothing here should be viewed as an investment. Always do your own research and although it is sometimes possible to reap rewards do not expect a return on anything you spend on digital tokens.

#XRPLToken #XRPLT #XRPLGoldToken #XRPLTGT #WojakWins Much love.

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