XRPLGoldToken updates:

There’s been a lot going! Here is a list of recent news/updates regarding XRPLGoldToken

  • Gold backed NFTs are now a thing! Each NFT is backed 100% by 1 gram of physical gold stored securely. The Gold is not currently redeemable as it is the thing which backs the NFTs and gives them value. Gold stock will be audited by a regulated third party and the report made public annually. It is envisaged that once the eco-system is large enough the Gold will become redeemable by the holder returning the NFT and paying postage. The idea behind the Gold backed NFTs on the XRPL is to bring Gold ownership in affordable 1 gram pieces to the ‘99%’ of people and enable them to trade Gold backed NFTs for goods and services. You can buy them here: https://sologenic.org/nfts/rpNEsjtQhieqB9NMGDEJ91PVFEo9qLcb9F
  • ‘The XRPLGoldToken 9’ ultra rare NFT collection was minted back in August 2022. We have already begun distributing these NFTs. The NFTs in this rare collection cannot be bought from us, they’re too special for that. Instead we are allowing people to acquire these NFTs from us by participating in competitions such as: https://twitter.com/XRPLToken/status/1592456270279503873?s=20&t=R89FeSsPME7BSkhYpb72pA & https://twitter.com/XRPLToken/status/1590660603341045761?s=20&t=R89FeSsPME7BSkhYpb72pA We may also choose to gift one or more of these NFTs to members of the crypto community we feel merit such a reward.
  • XRPLGoldToken can be traded on:
    – https://sologenic.org/trade?network=mainnet&market=5852504C54475400000000000000000000000000%2BrspdZ6yA1VKPcA2fJxKeWUfmcrqRrF9CJ9%2FXRP
    – https://www.xrptoolkit.com/
    – https://xrplcoins.com/coin/XRPLTGT
    – https://xpmarket.com/dex/XRPLTGT+rspdZ6yA1VKPcA2fJxKeWUfmcrqRrF9CJ9/XRP
  • XRPLGoldToken is now also listed on the worlds largest index of cryptoassets: https://nomics.com/assets/xrpltgt-xrplgoldtoken
  • In the pipeline – XRPLGoldToken will launch a multivendor marketplace, helping to bring together traditional online sales & crypto-payments. Stay tuned for more on this soon: https://xrplgoldtoken.com