Schools & Teachers

Preparing young minds for the future

The XRPLToken project provides teachers with real XRPLT tokens to enable hands-on learning in the classroom.

Blockchain, ‘Crypto’ and Distributed Ledger Technologies are changing the way in which the world works, from Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s) to the Internet of Things (IOT), Digital ID’s and Global Supply Chains, there isn’t much that isn’t being revolutionised by this new technology.
At XRPLToken we believe that demonstrating to young people what they can expect to be dealing with in their future is the best way to help prepare them for positive experiences.

(Please note: We provide teachers with free XRPLT tokens in order to facilitate real-world demonstration of blockchain technology to children with a target age of 14-18yrs, we take great care to emphasize to teachers that they should use this facility in a way which does not actively enable or encourage children to buy/sell crypto assets.)

Please read through all the information and material provided on this page before proceeding.

> I’m a Teacher, how do I get involved?

  1. Install the Xumm Wallet App to your mobile phone, ensure you note down all codes given as prompted. You do not need to activate the wallet with XRP as we will do this for you at our own cost.
  2. Contact the XRPLToken team via our Twitter page. We will ask for your schools contact details so we can make contact with your school, verify you, activate your Xumm Wallet and send you 1,000,000 XRPLT tokens for free.
  3. Follow our suggested basic learning material or create your own! (material is password protected, access is provided once you’re setup with the Xumm Wallet and XRPLT tokens.)

> What happens to the XRPLT tokens when the teaching is finished?

The XRPLT tokens we give to you remain yours forever unless you decide to trade them or give them away, we have no access or claim to your XRPLT.
We recommend keeping them safe in the Xumm Wallet App and should they increase in value over time consider selling them to help school funding or any other good cause, please ensure that you comply with relevant crypto asset/tax rules in your country/state.

Basic material to get you started