The XRPLToken is using the hashtag #wojakwins to describe how the XRPLT token is being distributed in a way which we hope will avoid the well known ‘post airdrop dump’, resulting in a more sustainable upward trend when the token is fully distributed and trades ‘normally’, we only love one direction, UP!

When tweeting about XRPLT please help us, and holders of XRPLT by including the hashtag #wojakwins – together we can help progress the decentralised dream using a token that runs on the excellent XRP Ledger!

If you’re not already part of our project please follow our simple xumm wallet setup guide then complete the Airdrop Request Form, that’s it!

Below are some media you can use to promote XRPLToken:

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Twitter Banner Picture (1500×500)
XRPLToken GIF (400×400)
XRPLToken – lighting a fire