XRPLT runs on the XRP Ledger so in terms of utility, compared to memecoins such as Doge or Shiba Inu for example, XRPLT is cheaper to transact with and faster, in fact XRPLT benefits from all the ‘base utility’ of the native token of the XRPL (XRP), find out more here.

The XRPLtoken team have plans to improve the utility of XRPLT even further, please keep up to date with the latest news by checking out our Blog & Twitter.

If you believe in the XRPLToken project and would like to get involved by accepting XRPLT as payment for goods/services please get in touch with us by Twitter DM and we can help to promote your goods/services to our community. There’s actually no need to ask us for permission to accept XRPLT as anyone with Xumm Wallet can acquire XRPLT and start using it straight away!

Where can you spend XRPLT?

computer-technology.co.uk – web hosting & seo

xrpeople.world – promote your skills

xrplgoldtoken.com – the bitcoin of the xrpl

xTweet – twitter promotions