XRPLToken Community NFTs – They make an ideal Gift or an eco-friendly alternative to a Birthday Card!

XRPLToken is a community project. Members of the community are invited to have us create and mint an NFT of their face or the face of a loved one (pets allowed), they also make great gifts or something different than a boring old birthday card! The current cost for each NFT is 5,000,000 XRPLT (this may change as the value of XRPLT changes, we will notify you of any changes). NFTs will be minted on NFTs will ONLY be sent to the wallet address from which payment was made (no exceptions), if this is not possible the XRPLToken project will retain ownership. The style of the community NFTs are all the same.

We encourage all our community members to allow us to publish a GIF of their NFT in our Community ‘Hall of Fame’, but inclusion is optional.


STEP 1) Ensure you have 5,000,000 XRPLT in your wallet (buy/trade XRPLT here)

STEP 2) Send 5,000,000 XRPLT to our wallet address: rKfhByq5R3YzPJC3k4BSVvNsDiLueUH3oq

STEP 3) Complete the order form below

STEP 4) Await our confirmation email (normally received within 48 hours)

Please contact us with any questions

NOTE: If 5,000,000 XRPLT is not enough to cover the cost of the NFT mint the XRPLToken project founder will transfer funds to the XRPLTokenNFT wallet to cover the cost until further notice. XRPLToken may choose to store some or all payments of XRPLT in the XRPLTokenNFT wallet which then may either be sold at market value or given away during a promotion.

IMPORTANT: Buy submitting an image you are agreeing you have all rights to use the image. All responsibility for the permission(s) and right(s) to use the image(s) submitted for the purpose of NFT creation and/or publication shall be with the submitter. The XRPLToken project and its team members take no responsibility, we will however remove as soon as possible any NFT GIF image at the request of the person pictured once we are satisfied regarding that persons identity.

99 limited edition XRPLToken NTFs

The XRPLToken project will mint 99 limited edition NFTs at some point in the future, please stay tuned.