‘NFT ME!’ is a mobile App for iPhone/Android we are working on which enables users to send their Photos to us and turn them into NFTs! A perfect way to capture those really special selfies/moments with friends/family/places/events etc

We plan to release the ‘NFT ME!’ App before our self-imposed deadline of 1st January 2023 (which is less than a month after we’ve burnt any XRPLT leftover from the token distribution!). Below you can see some images of the App currently in progress, (this is not the final product). If you like what we’re doing here please consider supporting the project by holding XRPLT in your Xumm Wallet (how to buy XRPLT).

(Don’t forget: XRPLToken is a community inspired project, if you have something you think would add value to the project and would like to participate please get in touch, we’re better together!)