Getting started with Xumm Wallet

1) Download the Xumm App

2) In the App, ‘Add account’, ‘Create a new account’

3) Name your account and save the keys provided (never share your keys!)

4) Activate your account by sending the required amount of XRP (currently 10XRP) to your Xumm wallet address, if you don’t have any XRP yet we recommend using Sologenic or Bitrue to get your XRP, both accept regular debit/credit cards.

5) Set the trustline for XRPLT (all trustlines currently require 2XRP in reserve, this is standard for all XRPL tokens/coins, if you close a trustline the 2XRP will become available on your XRP balance again)

6) If you would like to support the XRPLToken project and community please consider exchanging some XRP for XRPLT